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About Us
Hillsgrove Machine is a leading provider of CNC milling and turning services. We deliver high-quality, on-time services at an excellent value. We back it up with our industry-leading On-time Delivery Guarantee.
On-time Delivery Guarantee

Every time you place an order with Hillsgrove Machine, we guarantee on-time delivery. In fact, we are so confident in our on-time delivery performance that in the unlikely event we miss your deadline, we will discount the invoice by five percent (5%). No exceptions. No fine print.


Our guarantee reflects exceptional people, process and technology. Hillsgrove Machine is the supply chain partner you can rely on. Guaranteed.

"Hillsgrove Machine is a vital supply chain partner to 12Kings Corporation, maker of MiterSet. They're a complete solution provider delivering high-quality machining, inventory management, kitting services and on-demand fulfillment. They're an extension of our business which allows us to focus on building our brand."

Keith Doce, 12Kings Corporation

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CNC Milling

Our state-of-the-art equipment gives us the flexibility to deliver a wide range of work. We have the capacity to scale to support your growth and the expertise to deliver high-quality parts on-time. 


Capability: 3-axis milling up to 60 X 30 X 30 inches. 


Capacity: 6500 parts per week @ 8-minute cycle time. 


Let Hillsgrove Machine be an extension of your assembly team. When production demands peak, leverage our assembly services to increase your own capacity. And when product demands level out, we’ll stand down; ready to help another day. 


We ship every day. We deliver locally via company truck. We ship small parcel via UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL. We ship freight via optimized trucking lanes through partnership with over 20 trucking companies. We offer kitting and pick-n-pack services with real-time tracking and delivery monitoring.  

CNC Turning

Our CNC lathe department is ready to meet your turning needs. Our machines are equipped with live tooling which provides turning and milling capabilities in a single setup. This saves time and money and yields a better-quality product.  


Capability: 4-axis turning up to 8” diameter. 


Capacity: 1050 parts per week @ 4-minute cycle time. 

Inventory Management

Many of our customers operate on blanket purchase orders. We machine parts continuously, and store small inventories to be delivered just-in-time. Take advantage of our inventory management services to build a reliable, scalable supply chain. 

Dock-to-Stock Programs

Short lead times? No problem! We build customized Dock to Stock programs that ensure your parts deliver just-in-time to keep your process moving and your inventory expenses manageable. Dock to Stock programs include scheduled manufacturing intervals, quality control guidelines and reporting, inventory management, pick-n-pack services, fulfillment on-demand. And quality is ensured so parts go right from your dock to your stockroom with no need for redundant quality control checks.

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Machinery Manufacturing 

We work directly with OEM customers to build reliable, scalable supply chains by providing high-quality machining, inventory management and fulfillment services that support Lean, Kanban and other just-in-time manufacturing methods. 

Robotic System Components 

We work with OEM suppliers who manufacturer articulated robots for industrial applications including AS/RS and kitting. We also machine components for automatic guided vehicles [AVGs] and mobile robots. 

Lighting Equipment Manufacturing 

We work with industrial and institutional lighting manufacturers who require a reliable source for machined wear items to keep assembly lines operational. We work with a wide array of materials including Inconel 600. 

Motion Control Systems 

We work with OEM customers, system integrators, and assembly companies to provide just-in-time delivery of motion control system components. 

Contract Manufacturing 

We apply decades of experience in collaboration with contract manufacturers to create high-value, low-cost solutions. We work under contract meeting your terms to be a trusted supply chain partner. 

Laser System Components

We make housing assemblies, beam dumps, mounting units, stands and other high-quality system components.

Our Work
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CNC Machined Part
CNC Turned Part
CNC machined part
CNC Turned Part Pastic
CNC Milled Part 6061 Aluminum
CNC Turned Part Copper
CNC Turned Part Brass
CNC Turned Part
CNC Turned Delrin
CNC Turned Part
CNC Milled & Trned Part
CNC Milled Part
CNC Milled Part
CNC Turned Part
CNC Milled Part Brass
CNC Turned Part
CNC Milled Part Plastic
CNC Turnng Part
CNC Turned Part
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Contact Us
Contact Us

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Facility Address:


Hillsgrove Machine, Inc.

45 Dudley Rd

Alton, NH 03809

Mailing Address:

Hillsgrove Machine, Inc.

PO Box 249

Alton, NH 03809

Phone: (603) 776-5090

Fax: (603) 776-5191

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