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Milling Department Manager

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Alton, NH, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

● Servant leadership to the milling team to make sure milling operators have what they need to succeed,

● Job programming; converting blueprints into actionable process for machine set-up and operation,

● Tooling preparedness;  making sure all required tools are on site well in advance of a job starting,

● Set-up sheet documentation; creating clear, concise guidance on the order of operations, location of required fixtures and tooling, and any required deburring and cleaning instructions,

● Tool sheet documentation; documenting the correct tooling for each job operation along with offset specifications and any other pertinent information,


  • Extensive 5-axis milling experience

    • Programming in CAD/CAM and on the machine control

    • Set-up

    • Machine Operation

  • The right candidate must be able to inspire their team members through knowledge share, work ethic, and positive attitude,

  • Job programming can be either CAD-based or controller-based or combination of both,

  • Organization and attention to detail is critical,

  • Ability to make high-quality parts, that meet the expectations of our customers,

  • Our small shop requires the milling lead to set-up and operate machines in addition to making sure other mill operators have what they need to be successful.

About the Company

Hillsgrove Machine is a small, busy CNC job shop located in Alton, New Hampshire. We are looking to hire a lead machinist to lead our CNC milling department and help us adopt a profitable 5-axis machining program.

Our culture is based on trust and confidence in each member of the team. We treat each other with dignity and respect. We share knowledge and continue to train and learn from experience and from each other.

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